vintage zayn malik
vas hapnin gguise? :)
LEVI IS BACK!!!!!!!!!
oh man i missed drawing on a graphic tablet! one of my closest friends gave me her old wacom as a birthday/graduation gift thank god i have rich friends lol 
anyway im gonna try and upload lots of shit but internet is still so slow i wont be able to upoad regularly but hey, better that than nothing eh? aha *cyber hugs for everyone*

So we were walking around in New York and I made everyone stop so I could take a picture of this for Levi ✌️
Hello friends just dropping by to tell you im turning 20 tomorrow March 30, 2014 ughh sheet whatever happened to forever young anyway id like to thank you guys for being a part of me i thank yall very very much i miss you (*insert exclamation point here* my laptop is still screwey from getting wet during the typhoon lol)

you all get ready for when i come back with new equipment and more more moooooar drawings aha HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME
Anonymous sent: you will never post doodles anymore?

i will continue posting doodles until i die! haha but right now i cant cause the typhoon took my drawing tablet away :( just think of this as me being on hiatus :) dont worry Im coming back…soon i hope :D

Anonymous sent: levi. are you still 19..?

oh god yeah im still 19…twenTEEN this march 30 lol